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Correlation between Rainfall and Cold Fronts with Gamma Ray Measurements near Ground Level in Southeastern Brazil

Inacio Malmonge Martin, Marcelo Pego Gomes, Marco Antonio Ferro, Franklin Andrade Silva
2017 Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering B  
Gamma radiation measurements integrated between 200 keV and 10.0 MeV were performed between 03/07/2017 and 05/24/2017 from a tower of 25 meters of altitude in the region of São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil. Throughout this period, there were 9 intense and moderate rains with 11 arrivals of cold fronts coming from southern Brazil. Through measurements of gamma radiation integrated in the energy range mentioned above, the presence of these meteorological parameters and their variations in the
more » ... iations in the region can clearly be observed. Through a potential calibration between the measured gamma radiation intensity and the observed rainfall intensity, it is possible to monitor rains by time interval using this gamma ray detector. Another very important parameter for the region consists of monitoring the number of passages of cold fronts that interfere in the local climatology. This low-cost, easy-to-operate technique can be applied and used in any tropical and equatorial region of the earth's surface.
doi:10.17265/2162-5263/2017.03.001 fatcat:jbusvnljtbavnph3d3ny2veffm