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Chopping Roughage Length Improved Rumen Development of Weaned Calves as Revealed by Rumen Fermentation and Bacterial Community

Haibo Wang, Fei Wu, Tianci Guan, Yangxiang Zhu, Zhantao Yu, Depeng Zhang, Siyu Zhang, Huawei Su, Binghai Cao
2020 Animals  
Roughage particle size can influence rumen development, which is also determined by rumen microorganisms and their metabolic end-products. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate the comprehensive effects of roughage length and rumen bacterial community on the rumen development of weaned calves. A total of thirty-six weaned Angus female calves (125 ± 3 d; 161.2 ± 13.0 kg) were randomly assigned to three diets differing in roughage particle size: 4 cm (short length); 24 cm (medium
more » ... 24 cm (medium length); and 44 cm (long length). Results showed that chopping roughage increased dry matter intake and organic matter apparent digestibility; altered rumen fermentation indicated by the increased rumen butyrate and valerate concentrations; and increased plasma glucose, cholesterol, and total protein. Chopping roughage affected rumen bacterial community, as indicated by altering the diversity indices; by increasing ruminal bacteria Papillibacter and Eubacterium_hallii_group, which are involved in butyrate production; and by increasing Synergistetes and Mogibacterium, which are involved in bacterial colonization. In conclusion, chopping roughage at 4 cm was shown to improve the rumen bacterial community, alter rumen fermentation, eventually promote the development of rumen.
doi:10.3390/ani10112149 pmid:33227931 fatcat:ln6nsvgd4jg4zip6yercoxhcvm