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Deaths and Obituaries

1901 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
yellow; when formaldehyde gas strikes this paper, the yellow color turns violet. I mixed 112 minims of formalin-45 minims of pure formaldehyde-with 2 ounces of warm normal salt solution; a vein was picked up in a dog's foreleg and the solution was slowly transfused; the yellow-colored blotting paper was immediately held near the dog's mouth; the violet color appeared in a few seconds. Of course, the dog died in two or three minutes, but the second proposition was solvedthe gas escaped by the
more » ... s escaped by the mouth. On the second dog, I used 25 minims formalin-10 minims pure formaldehyde. On a third dog, I used 37 minims formalin-15 minims pure formalde¬ hyde. These two dogs lived and seemed as well after the experi¬ ments as before. In these, also, the formaldehyde escaped by the mouth. The yellow colored blotting paper gave no reac¬ tion of the formaldehvde test when arterial blood from the dead dog was heated.
doi:10.1001/jama.1901.02470050040021 fatcat:dxuypqlu2bg6dbu7zxkcpjx4da