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Computational Social Science:

Hiroki Takikawa
2018 Riron to hoho  
Recent developments in Information Technology have drastically changed and, at the same time, enabled the accumulation of substantial digital data for our social world. An emerging field that explicates the reality and mechanisms of social phenomena using large volumes of digital data is called "computational social science." This paper overviews the prospects and challenges for computational social science, especially focusing on its application in sociology. First, we define what
more » ... e what computational social science means. Second, we explain the reason why this emerging new field has a special relationship with sociology. Third, we clarify where novelty lies in computational social science and discuss its analytical methods. Finally, we consider some challenges in this field. Keywords big data, social research methods, machine learning, natural language processing 瀧川 裕貴(たきかわ ひろき).東北大学災害科学国際研究所 助教.〒980-0845 宮城県仙台市 青葉区荒巻字青葉研究関心:公共性,不平等・分極化,意味・言語,災害.
doi:10.11218/ojjams.33.132 fatcat:yxvmjc5fznbkticnnqj7kyfqj4