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1914 Archives of Internal Medicine  
That lipoidal substances play an important r\l=o^\le in the animal body is now generally recognized. They occur in practically all the bodytissues and the amounts are increased in sclerotic blood-vessels,1 in the white plaques of retinitis,2 in xanthomata, in old infarcts, in caseous tuberculous material and in the cholesteatomatous tumors of the ear and cranial cavity. The activity of certain anesthetics varies with their lipoidal solubility and hemolytic processes may be accelerated or
more » ... celerated or retarded by the presence of lipoids. Quite recently a number of relatively simple methods have been described for determining the amounts of lipoids, and especially of cholesterin, in small quantities of blood or blood-serum. As a result, data concerning the quantity of cholesterin in normal and pathological bloods are now rapidly accumulating. It is the purpose of the present paper to review these recent studies of cholesterinemia and to present a series of personal observations. The methods used for determining the amount of cholesterin in the blood depend on a variety of principles. Since free cholesterin protects red corpuscles from hemolysis by saponin, it has been proposed to estimate the amount of free cholesterin in the blood-serum by determining the degree to which the serum will protect washed red cells from hemolysis by saponin.3 In most other methods the cholesterin is first extracted from the blood or serum and the amounts extracted are then determined either by direct weighing, by weighing after precipitation with digitonin, or by colorimetrie methods. The extraction is of great importance because cholesterin is present in the blood largely in combination with fatty acids or other substances and the amount extracted depends on the degree to which these combinations are broken up. For this reason the simple extraction of dried blood or blood-serum in the Soxhlet apparatus
doi:10.1001/archinte.1914.00070070126006 fatcat:r7amwfwlp5ayxf7zhyuxihzo4i