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First Record in Yemen of Two Larval Trypanorhynch Cestodes in Commercial Fish (Lethrinus lentjan) from the Red Sea

Ali Al-Zubaidy
2006 Journal of King Abdulaziz University-Marine Sciences  
Helminth parasites of the marine fish (Lethrinus lentjan) is investigated. Out of 79 fishes dissected, 21 (26.6%) were found infected with larval trypanorhynch cestodes, 15 (19%) Nybelinia bisulcata larvae and 6 (7.6%) with larvae of unidentified species of the genus Pseudogrillotia. Since there is no previous report on these trypanorhynch cestodes from any fish host in Yemen, the present recording may well be considered the first in this country. Abdou, El.N. (2000) Light and scanning electron
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doi:10.4197/mar.17-1.5 fatcat:463wefx355gb3pxkizolyyjbzu