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Improvement of Anodic Performance by Using CTP Binder Containg Nickel
니켈을 함유한 콜타르 피치 결합제를 이용한 미생물연료전지 산화전극 성능개선

Hyung-Sun Yoon, Young-Chae Song, Tae-Seon Choi
2015 Journal of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers  
The composite anodes of expanded graphite (EG) and multiwall carbon nanotube (MWCNT) for microbial fuel cells were fabricated by using coal tar pitch (CTP) binder containing nickel (Ni), and the effect of the anodes with the binders on the performance of the MFCs were examined in a batch reactor. During the start-up of the MFCs, quick increase in voltage was observed after a short lag phase time, indicating that the CTP binder is biocompatible. The biomass attatched on the anode surface was
more » ... ode surface was more at higher Ni content in the binder, as well as at smaller amount of CTP binder for the fabrication of the anode. The internal resistance of the MFC was smaller for the anode with more biomass. Based on the results, the ideal combination of CTP and Ni for the CTP binder for anode was 2 g and 0.2 g, respectively. The maximum power density was 731.8 mW/m 2 , which was higher 23.7% than the anode with Nafion binder as control. The CTP binder containing Ni for the fabrication of anode is a good alternative in terms of performance and economics of MFCs.
doi:10.4491/ksee.2015.37.9.499 fatcat:ywwzi5cg6fbdjb3m4s732rpcfu