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Quality Control of the Fluids Utilized in Dialysis with the Study of the Hemodialysis Status in Khartoum State

Mahmoud E. Ibrahim, Hashim M. Ahmed, Fatehalrahman F. Magbool
2019 Zenodo  
In this random quality control trail of the laboratory analysis of the fluids utilized for kidney failure patients, we aimed to reevaluate (analysis) of the compatibility of current fluids used in dialysis and the possibility of introducing other methodology and analysis to improve the dialysis and reduce morbidity and mortality rate. Methods: The fluids analysis will performed mainly by atomic absorption spectroscopy, UV.VIS spectroscopy, HPLC, and Thin layer chromatography but we use more
more » ... but we use more developed method, the atomic emission ICP device, and we took the hardness, specific gravity, PH and Pyrogen free test as a physical test of post treatment water to compare it with the standards stated by Fresenius company for the ideal processed water should use in the dialysis. Also a descriptive cross-sectional study design, Khartoum state 303 patients were selected randomly from 5 dialysis centers and interviewed using a questionnaire. Results : In the analysis of the concentrated acid when all element turned by percentage most of the results were in the range of (100%, ±5) with some exceptions in some elements as with potassium the samples are all high, in police hospital ,Soba hospital ,ebnouf hospital, Khartoum hospital and Salma hospitals potassium was 108.8%, 113%, 105.6%, 106.9% and 108% respectively. calcium and sodium was at the range in all hospitals also magnesium was in the range although it was relatively low in the analysis of the processed water and with the range of the standard company, PH of all hospitals water was found within the range except Alshaheeda Salma was found to be 8.48 (range from 6.5 to 7.5), The specific gravity is approximately 1gm/ml, in all hospitals (stated water specific gravity), and the hardness of all was found to be less than 0.2 mmol/l as wanted except Ebnouf hospital which was found 1.2620 mmol/l. The pyrogen free test (present absent test) revealed presence of spore [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2556456 fatcat:mnzfxlp75nhilhzakt5nbr5c6a