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A note on the Deser–Tekin charges

A N Petrov
2005 Classical and quantum gravity  
Perturbed equations for an arbitrary metric theory of gravity in $D$ dimensions are constructed in the vacuum of this theory. The nonlinear part together with matter fields are a source for the linear part and are treated as a total energy-momentum tensor. A generalized family of conserved currents expressed through divergences of anti-symmetrical tensor densities (superpotentials) linear in perturbations is constructed. The new family generalizes the Deser and Tekin currents and
more » ... and superpotentials in quadratic curvature gravity theories generating Killing charges in dS and AdS vacua. As an example, the mass of the $D$-dimensional Schwarzschild black hole in an effective AdS spacetime (a solution in the Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet theory) is examined.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/22/16/l01 fatcat:fhpu7ti22jejjd2vvglmo3fpvy