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Lidar and ground penetrating radar data in determining road surface conditions and geological characteristics of unstable soils

Artur Plichta, Adam Piasecki
2017 Technical Sciences  
Within the road investments the very important element determining repeatedly the success of the whole project is an adequate information about the characteristics of the site, its load capacity, stability and the possible impact of geological characteristics that may interfere with subsequent service life, not only for the road surface itself, but also for the surrounded objects. The surface is incessantly influenced by geological characteristics, determining its durability and functional
more » ... and functional usefulness. The main aim of this paper is to answer the question how by the usage of modern technics for obtaining data it is possible to find a link confirming the characteristics of land on which the specific road projects are supposed to be carried out, or where these projects have already been accomplished, concerning their requirements with high accuracy of location and also the stability and durability of the ground. This article makes also an attempt to answer not only the question how to identify the construction of road surface, but also how to locate underground cavities, created or influenced by the flow of water, or due to geological structures characterized as an inconsistent ground. The results were supported with geophysical researches using GPR method, and also data collected with laser scanners.
doi:10.31648/ts.5146 fatcat:xjdgz5bo7fbnvhr7bcv7m476he