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Relationship Between Maximum Aerobic Speed Performance and Volleyball Game Motor Power-Explosive Abilities

Mohammed Zerf, Mohamed Hadjar Kherfane, Kamel Kohli, Lakhdar Louglaib
2019 Teorìâ ta Metodika Fìzičnogo Vihovannâ  
Purpose. This study aims to estimate the relevant maximum aerobic speed performance and its relationship with volleyball game motor power-explosive abilities. Shown in rugby and soccer science literature, maximal aerobic speed is considered as a critical factor for improving the athlete's ability to recover from high-intensity and fatiguing actions. Materials and methods. To achieve this goal, we categorised the motor abilities (vertical jump, spike approach, block jump, 20-meter sprint, T-Test
more » ... eter sprint, T-Test (agility) and standing triple jump) results of 60 elite male players (age 23 ± 1.56 with playing experience up to 5 years in the Oran elite leagues). We based ourselves on their MAS results in two levels (+ or – 4 m/s) in 1200 m Shuttle Test as a valuable test to measure player maximal aerobic speed profile. Results. Our results approved the performance level of maximal aerobic speed archived at up to 4 (m/s) as the enhanced level directly related to notable levels of players' motor abilities studied in the present study. Conclusions. Our protocol of maximum aerobic speed performance confirmed level 4 (m/s) as the relevant MAS level positively related to motor abilities components such as agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction, and speed, contrary to its lows.
doi:10.17309/tmfv.2019.4.03 fatcat:ap62dpt5onb5vap5afhwfxmgye