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Evaluating Water Stability Indices from Water Treatment Plants in Baghdad City

Awatif S. Alsaqqar, Basim H. Khudair, Sura Kareem Ali
2014 Journal of Water Resource and Protection  
Corrosion control is an important aspect of safe drinking water supplies. The effects of corrosion which may not be evident without monitoring are an important issue concerning both public health and economical aspects. Chemical stability parameters of water quality in water treatment plants in Baghdad city can improve drinking water quality. The treated water quality from water treatment plants in Baghdad city was investigated along the water flow path in this study. The water quality
more » ... er quality parameters related to chemical stability included temperature, alkalinity as mg/L Ca-CO3, calcium mg/L as Ca, pH and total dissolved solids (TDS) mg/L for different samples from WTPs within Baghdad city were investigated. The two water quality indices, Langelier saturation index (LSI) and the Ryznar stability index (RSI), were calculated in order to evaluate the chemical stability of the drinking water samples. The results of LSI and RSI of the effluents from Baghdad's WTPs during 2000-2013 classified that corrosive water is produced and this indicates that the water is not safe for domestic use and will need the further treatment. The present study demonstrated the application of water stability indices in estimating/understanding the treated water chemical stability and appeared to be promising in the field of treated water quality management.
doi:10.4236/jwarp.2014.614124 fatcat:r75p3bc7hzedtgcplylkmpkvxm