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W. D. Kearfott
1907 Canadian Entomologist  
Eucosnt.a Eamlltonana, sp. nov. Expanse, r2.5 to r4 mm. Head very pale fawn ; palpi white fawn, rvith a darker dusting on outside; antenna dark fuscons, fawn-lvliite between joints; thorax darker fawn than head, posterior half streaked with blackish I abdomen grayishfuscous, anal tuft with an ochreous tinge ; Iegs whitish-gray, anterior pair dusted with fawn above, and tarsi ringed rvith black, Fclre lving Iight tawny-fawn, with a large white dorsal spot, rvhite dashes on costa, and strigulated
more » ... ta, and strigulated with black on costal and dorsal margins. I'he basal area is limited on lorver half of rving by tvhite dorsal rriark, on upper half it is not clearly defined ; on the fold are two black dots, and the male costal fold, wirich extends to middle of rving, is marked with black dashes, with a corresponding line of blackish dots belorv; the dorsal margin is similarly marked with black dashes, and the rnner edge of the white patch is or:tiined with black. The white dorsai patch is large, extending from rniddle of dorsnm to tornrls, beneat.h ocellic spot, with trvo or three dark dots on lower edge ; the irrner edge cLrrves obliquel-y outward to above middle of rving, it then follows fold to tonrusj outrvardly it is somervhat overlaid with fawn and black scales. Iletween the rvhite patch ard costa is a gray shade; beyond tlris the costa is nrarked with four long geminate lines, white on costa and sliining gray below. Eacli encloses a smal1 black costal dot, and is separated by a larger black spot; the line belorv apex cLlrves outward in termen, endilg in a white dot below apex. The ocellic area is large, rhe vertical bars purplish-gray-rnetal1ic, the ir.rner is double the rvidth and leDgth of the outer, and above connects with the inner pair of costal lines, below it expands outward beneath tl're ocellLrs; in the farvn-coloured ocellus are four or five short black lines and dots, and there is a patch of black on the inner side of the inner bar. Tern.rinal line black, cut with white below apex. Cilia shining leadengray. Hind rving smokv-gra;', darker at npex. Cilia whitish, rvith a darker basal line. Under side yellowish-gray. Under side fore rving dark smoky-gray, blackish towards termerl I costal spots repeated. The descliption is from a J specirnen; the i diffcrs in that tlre dorsal patch is gray instead of white; the f is also darker, black and brown scales overlay the farvn. May, r9o7
doi:10.4039/ent39153-5 fatcat:cwjsezuu3ja2pkqqdyichkx3e4