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Effects of the Repression of sphpr1 Expression on Growth and mRNA Export in Fission Yeast
분열효모에서 sphpr1 유전자의 결실이 생장 및 mRNA Export에 미치는 영향

Hyun-Joo Lee, Jin-Ho Yoon
2012 The Korean Journal of Microbiology  
THOC1/Hpr1 is one subunit of THO complex that is an evolutionally conserved assembly involved in the mRNP packaging and mRNA export during transcription elongation. In fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe, an ortholog (spHpr1) of THOC1/Hpr1 was identified based on sequence alignment. A deletion mutant in a diploid strain was constructed by replacing one of spHpr1-coding region with a kan r gene using one-step gene disruption method. Tetrad analysis showed that the sphpr1 is essential for
more » ... s essential for growth. Over-expression of sphpr1 from strong nmt1 promoter caused no defects of growth and mRNA export. However, repression of the sphpr1 expression resulted in growth inhibition accompanied by accumulation of poly(A) + RNA in the nucleus. These results suggest that spHpr1 is involved in mRNA export from the nucleus to cytoplasm.
doi:10.7845/kjm.2012.48.2.171 fatcat:4j2cu7g5sfgjlhttgpamp3fmnm