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1922 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
Tho dcnth is rcportcd of Prof. Tnssnrt, OF tho Ecolo rlcs BIincs, l'nris, R spccinlist in' pctrolcuni technology; of Albcrtus Vogt, aged 71 ycnrs, who was tho first to drnw public nttcntion to thc dcposits of rock phosplmto in Florida; nnd of Scnntor Cinmicinn, profmsor of clicmistry in tho Univcrsity of 130lognn, Italy. Fir. Arthur H. Gnllun, of A. F. Gnllun nnd Sons, 3 I l l~~~~~l i c c , 1~1 1 0 dicd 011 N O V C I I I~C~ 9, 1021, did mlunblo pionccr work in urging tho npplicntion of
more » ... icntion of clicniistry to t h o mnnufncturo of Icntlier. 3-10 cntlo~rcd rcscnrcli nt Colrunbin Univcrsity, with tho proviso tlint tlic rcsults sliou!d bc pnblisl~ctl frccly, and lntcly nyns urging Aincricnii tnnncrs to cstnblisli tlicro n dcpnrtmcnt of Icntlicr industry. Wc nlso rcgrct to record tlic following dcstlis: -Dr. FInrry Ingle, of JAccils, on Dcccnibcr 4, ngcd 53 ycnrs; 3lr. 13. It. Augustus Ocrtling, ninnnging director of Jtcssrs. L. Ocrtling, Jdttl., bnlnncemnltcrs, nt tlic ngc of 73; Sir 'Illionins nnrcl:iy, ninnaginm director ntid clinimmnn of Jlcssrs. Soutlinll Urotrers nnd Bnrclny, Ltd., fi11c-cl1cn1icn1 mnniifncturcrs, of ~i r m i n g l i n n~, ngcd SB yc:irs; Sir 0. Sims '\\Toodhcnd, profcssor of pnthology in tlic University of Cnnibridgc in his 67th ycnr; Mr: C. E. ~n s s n~, formerly puhic nnnlpt for ~~cnsingtoii, IVcstminstcr, I3nttcrscn, and pnrts of Lincolnsliire, and for 16 ycnrs editor of tho l l v i i h h Food Joicrncil ; and S i r illini in in & I .
doi:10.1002/jctb.5000410107 fatcat:nwav7emjmjaalpsi7n3oquxx7y