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Environment-Adaptive Image Segmentation Using Color Invariants
칼라 불변량을 이용한 환경 적응적인 영상 분할

Seok-Woo Jang
2010 Journal of the Korea Society of Computer and Information  
Even though various types of image segmentation methods have been extensively introduced, robustly segmenting images to environmental conditions such as illumination changes, shading, highlight, etc, has been known to be a very difficult task. To resolve the problem in some degree, we propose in this paper an environment-adaptive image segmentation approach using color invariants. The suggested method first introduces several color invariants like W, C, U, N, and H, and automatically measures
more » ... atically measures environmental conditions in which images are captured. It then chooses the most adequate color invariant to environmental factors, and effectively extracts edges using the selected invariant. Experimental results show that the proposed method can robustly perform edge-based segmentation rather than existing methods. We expect that our method will be useful in many real applications which require edge-based image segmentation. ▸Keyword : 칼라 불변량(Col or invariant), 영상 분할(I mage segmentation), 주변 환경(Surroundi ng environment), 에지(Edge)
doi:10.9708/jksci.2010.15.10.071 fatcat:fr2knmbwzferjnrbjlgvjooisy