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Statistical Analysis Effect of Medication

Paul Constable
The following analysis has the goal of examining the effect medication CNS_MED), while controlling for other covariates, on each of the ERG-related dependent variables; i.e. b20, b40, op80, op160, a20, and a40.The independent variables are (no order implied) medication (CNS_MED, M), flash strength Strength, FS),vertical location (VERT, V), iris (iris, I), group (group, G), ethnicity (ethnicity, E) and interaction between flash strength and group (FS · G). Variables not listed here, aren't
more » ... here, aren't considered later on. The models to consider will thus be: DV M + FS + V + I + G + E + FS · G; where DV is each of the ERG-related variables. The (explanatory) model is analysed via robust (fixed-effects) linear regression. The ultimate goal is to see if medication has an effect on the DV s. Thus, the pairwise differences between the medication groups will be assessed at each DV .
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.13256549.v1 fatcat:nbx2ejr2bzdgfjx2br7cqssglu