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A New North American Species ofBucrates(Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Conocephalinae: Copiphorini)

Thomas J. Walker
2014 Journal of Orthoptera Research  
Bucrates weissmani n.sp. is known from four localities in southern arizona. It is smaller and more slender than the other four species of Bucrates, making it superficially similar to the Central american copiphorine Caulopsis cuspidata, but more fundamental features refute the notion that it belongs in Caulopsis rather than Bucrates. Four other species of Bucrates are known. Two of these, capitatus (De Geer) and clausus (scudder), occur in sympatry in Central america and tropical south america;
more » ... ical south america; lanista rehn is known only from southern Brazil; and malivolans (scudder) is restricted to the southeastern United states. all are easily distinguished morphologically and, for the three for which the songs are known, by their songs. Unlike the two other species of Bucrates for which the habitat is known, B. weissmani occurs on altitudinal islands at the edge of a desert. The calling song of B. weissmani resembles that of numerous species of Neoconocephalus, whereas the songs of B. malivolans and B. capitatus, resemble each other more than either song resembles that of B. weissmani.
doi:10.1665/034.023.0101 fatcat:se724kt475fahpxxrqamzmpgue