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Protective and curative effects of polyphenolic extracts from Ichnocarpus frutescense leaves on experimental hepatotoxicity by carbon tretrachloride and tamoxifen

Chidambaram Kumarappan, Madhavan Vijayakumar, Ellappan Thilagam, Manikam Balamurugan, Madheswaran Thiagarajan, Siddan Senthil, Sunil C Das, Subhash C Mandal
Annals of Hepatology  
The aim of this study was to investigate prophylactic and curative effect of polyphenolic extract of Ichnocarpus frutescense against carbon tetrachloride and tamoxifen induced hepatotoxicity in rats. Carbon tetrachloride and tamoxifen caused liver damage in rats manifested by significant rise in serum enzymes levels. Models of carbon tetrachloride and tamoxifen intoxication elicited significant declines in the reduced glutathione concomitant with significant elevations in malondialdehyde
more » ... ondialdehyde levels. The oral administration of polyphenolic extract to carbon tetrachloride and tamoxifen intoxicated ats, produced significant increments in the reduced glutathione concomitant with significant decrements in malondialdehyde and liver transaminases levels. Prophylactic and curative treatments with the polyphenolic extract generally resulted in a relatively good protection against both carbon tetrachloride and tamoxifen intoxicated rats. The histopathological changes of liver sections showed an improved histological appearance. The extract inhibits CYP monoxygenases aminopyrine-N-demethylase and aniline hydroxylase, suggesting a plausible hepatoprotective mechanism. However prophylactic treatment with the polyphenolic extract exhibited a higher activity compared to curative treatment. The normalization of phenobarbitone induced sleeping time suggests the restoration of liver CYP enzymes. The study shows that hepatoprotective activity of polyphenol extract is by regulating the levels of hepatic microsomal drug metabolising enzymes. These results supported the use of this plant for the treatment of hepatitis in oriental traditional medicine.
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