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Random Prediction in Metric Space

Hind Fadhil Abbas
There are different classes of the graph generation. Node is one of the important parts in graph which is associated with the metric space. The elements of the set are placed very close to each other. These elements are similar to each other having minor or unobservable difference. Hence, it is difficult to find them in a given set in several of applications. The application area finds at many branches like multimedia, computer science and pattern reorganization. Here, we are focused on metric
more » ... focused on metric space and its prediction. Also, we have discussed some methods with some examples and the view of all known proposals to organize metric spaces. There are a large number of solutions are available. The notations of a random metric space and tried to prove that space was isometric. The study is focused on universal and random distance matrices. The properties of universal metric space with the properties of distance metric were correlated. Latent metric was also considered. This review includes the different scenarios of metric space with the basic concepts and mathematical formulae.
doi:10.26782/jmcms.2018.12.00011 fatcat:qhgjqax7iravjhxki7uk7fmqmq