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Wind Pressure Distribution on Sky Light Roof

2017 International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering  
Industrial buildings are generally provided with sloping roofs with the provision of the entry of natural light through it. Sky light roof is one of such roofs. The information available in the literature regarding wind pressure distribution on sky light roof is limited. An effort has, therefore, been made to carry out an experimental study on the model of low-rise building with Sky light roof in order to generate more information about wind pressure distribution on it. Inflexible model of the
more » ... xible model of the rectangular plan low-rise building is made of Perspex sheet. It is provided with many pressure points on the upper surface of the roof. The model is tested in an open circuit boundary layer wind tunnel to measure values of wind pressures at all pressure points. Wind is made to hit the model at seven wind frequency edges from 0° to 90° at an interim of 15°. Values of mean wind pressure coefficients are evaluated from the measured values of wind pressures and contours are plotted. Values of mean wind pressure coefficients obtained experimentally are also compared with those available in the literature.
doi:10.21276/ijee.2017.10.0242 fatcat:g4iwvbawavfpfapjmelq577uuy