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Semantics of Saudi Political Discourse: A Significations Study of Prince Saud Al-Faicel Speeches

د. عبد اللطيف السلمي د. عبد اللطيف السلمي
2020 journal of King Abdulaziz University Arts And Humanities  
the present study p urports to shed light on the problematics of the relationship between language and politics in general and on the semiotic formulation, in particular, of Prince Saud Al-Faicel political discourse. It attempts to explain how this discourse succeeded to formulate a political model capable, thanks to its argumentative and rhetorical tools, to decode or unlock regional crises and international transformations in order to make historical decisions. Such problematics reflect our
more » ... atics reflect our particular perception of political discourse in its relationship with textual linguistics, along with the powerful semiotic discursive strategies and practices ever present in the analysis and interpretation of the political discourse of Prince Saud Al-Faicel. The Present study relied on an analytic frame following Norman Fairclough's model and other semiotic studies structured around lexicon and language construction. It also paid attention to analyzing the intricacies characterizing relations and strategies within power relations. The originality of the present study can be seen in its combination of the textual approach with the analytical one when dealing with political discourse.
doi:10.4197/art.28-14.7 fatcat:j6srrvkgpzhyfnmzxchaa3y5jq