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XLII. Carbon dioxide as a constituent of the atmosphere

Ernest H. Cook
1882 The London Edinburgh and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science  
View related articles Carbon Dioxide as a Constituent af the Atmosphere. 387 depends on the properties of the layer forming the component of the pair nearest to the kathode ; or, shortly, each layer, or the conditions existing at its point of origin, always influence the layer following next to it~ on the side of the anode, but does not influence the preceding, on the side of the kathode. The conditions under which the nth layer forms seem to stand to the properties of the n + lth layer in the
more » ... + lth layer in the relation of cause and et~ct ; and hence it seems to me only a verbally different expression of the observed facts if we assume, as above, that the propagation of the electrical tensions~ or the production of the separate layers~ takes place in the direction of increasing values of n~ i. e. advances from the kathode towards the anode. Berlin, Physical Institute of the University. XLII. Carbon Dioxide as a Constituent of the Atmosphere. B~j ERNEST H. CooK, B.Sc. (Lend.), A.R.C.S., Lecturer upon C]~emistry and _Phusics at t]~e Bristol 2]lining School ~.
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