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Overexpression and characterization of thermostable chitinase from Bacillus atrophaeus SC081 in Escherichia coli

Eun-Kyung Cho, In-Soon Choi, Young-Ju Choi
2011 BMB Reports  
The chitinase-producing strain SC081 was isolated from Korean traditional soy sauce and identified as Bacillus atrophaeus based on a phylogenetic analysis of the 16S rDNA sequence and a phenotypic analysis. A gene encoding chitinase from B. atrophaeus SC081 was cloned in Escherichia coli and was named SCChi-1 (GQ360078). The SCChi-1 nucleotide sequences were composed of 1788 base pairs and 596 amino acids, which were 92.6, 89.6, 89.3, and 78.9% identical to those of Bacillus subtilis
more » ... subtilis (ABG57262), Bacillus pumilus (ABI15082), Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (ABO15008), and Bacillus licheniformis (ACF40833), respectively. A recombinant SCChi-1 containing a hexahistidine tag at the amino-terminus was constructed, overexpressed, and purified in E. coli to characterize SCChi-1. H6SCChi-1 revealed a hydrolytic band on zymograms containing 0.1% glycol chitin and showed the highest lytic activity on colloidal chitin and acidic chitosan. The optimal temperature and pH for chitinolytic activity were 50 o C and pH 8.0, respectively. [BMB reports 2011; 44(3): 193-198]
doi:10.5483/bmbrep.2011.44.3.193 pmid:21429298 fatcat:inrtanr26rbdxjdiyejumzhkq4