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Tissue Regeneration without Scarring Achieved by Enhancing the Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) Pathway

W. John Martin
2017 Journal of Cosmetics Dermatological Sciences and Applications  
The inflammatory and fibrous responses to injuries are painful and are inhibitory to the regeneration of specialized cells. The fibrous scarring of skin injuries can also be disfiguring. Cells obtain energy not only from the metabolism of food, but also via the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. The ACE pathway is reflected in a dynamic (kinetic) quality of the body's fluids. It is postulated to result from the absorption of an environmental force called KELEA (kinetic energy limiting
more » ... c energy limiting electrostatic attraction). The body's ACE pathway can be enhanced by the parental administration and even the oral consumption of products comprising KELEA activated water. One of these products, termed Enercel, was originally considered a complex homeopathic remedy. Another product is water containing electrolysis-generated, coppersilver-citrate (CSC) complexes. This product was initially formulated to be bacteriocidal, especially for Gram positive bacteria. This article describes the independent successful use of each of these two products in achieving essentially painless, scar-free healing of skin injuries. The skin injuries were due to a variety of causes including: vascular insufficiency from diabetes; hot water burn; penetrating object; chronic infection; and surgical incision. It is proposed that the ACE pathway increases the resilience of cells of the innate immune system to the triggering of an inflammatory reaction by "danger signals" released from damaged tissues. KELEA activated water should be widely available for the urgent therapy of burns and other traumatic injuries to the skin. ACE pathway enhancing modalities also need to be evaluated in the repair of cellular damage occurring to the heart, brain and other internal organs of the body.
doi:10.4236/jcdsa.2017.71009 fatcat:oyzkqnedd5dnldep3odkwwuspe