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Petro Saukh, National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Liudmyla Chumak, Ivan Franko Zhytomyr State University
2018 Education Modern Discourses  
The article analyzes the radical transformations of classical education, characterizes the peculiarities of foreign and national system of education reaction to the challenges of a modern innovative society. It has been outlined that in many countries of the European Union, North America (the USA, Canada), the East (Japan, China), new schemes for the division of higher education programs into professional and academic ones are being developed and implemented, a system of narrow-profile higher
more » ... ow-profile higher educational institutions is being formed, research and corporate universities come into being. At all levels of higher education the aims, theory and practice of training prospective specialists are reconsidered. In addition, it has been shown that in Ukraine, modern problems of reforming education, on the contrary, lack system and consistency, in programs and slogans of subjects of educational policy there are often elements of populism, and setting of unrealistic tasks. As a result, many participants of the educational process have a sense of cognitive dissonance both when trying to assess the true state of the academic environment and evaluate the models that are offered. Based on comprehension of the most important points of bifurcation in modern Ukrainian education, ten key problems are identified and characterized. It is proved that solving them and ensuring the renaissance of education is possible, at least, based on three viable steps: introduction of a new organizational and economic mechanism for innovative development of education; reconstruction of the content and methodological resources of education; audit of the academic environment and optimization of the network of higher educational institutions. Key words: national system of education; quality of education; cognitive dissonance; exponential technologies; social and educational determinism; optimization of the network of higher educational institutions; university 2.0. and 3.0. To cite this article:
doi:10.32405/2617-3107-2018-1-3 fatcat:xhkqjh42izhffbgwuvk4qxo3ma