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Theory Of Discrete Gravity

Mihir Kumar Jha
2018 Zenodo  
Theory of everything (T.O.E), final theory or ultimate theory is a theoretical framework in the field of physics, which holds an ultimate key to unify all the fundamental forces of nature in a single field. In other words such theory can glue quantum mechanics with general relativity into a single framework. Many theories have been postulated over the decades but the dominant one includes string theory and loop quantum gravity. In this paper I would like to present a new framework which can
more » ... ework which can unify quantum mechanics with general relativity by showing that the change in Riemannian metric or the bend in space time is always an integral multiple of planks constant and since gravity is the result due to bend in space-time, gravity itself is a discrete forceeng
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1407831 fatcat:xdaiwpiikfc6fpytxqufsymlva