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Status of DAΦNE: from KLOE-2 to SIDDHARTA-2 Experiment with Crab-Waist

Catia Milardi, David Alesini, Simone Bini, Oscar Blanco-García, Manuela Boscolo, Bruno Buonomo, Sergio Cantarella, Salvatore Caschera, Giovanni Castorina, Joel Chavanne, Alessandro D'Uffizi, Antonio De Santis (+29 others)
Dafne, the Italian lepton collider, is running since more than a decade thanks to a radical revision of the approach used to deal with the beam-beam interaction: the Crab-Waist collision scheme. In this context, the collider has recently completed a long term activity program aimed at providing an unprecedented sample of data to the KLOE-2 detector, a large experimental apparatus including a high intensity solenoidal field strongly perturbing ring optics and beam dynamics. The KLOE-2 run has
more » ... e KLOE-2 run has been undertaken with the twofold intend of collecting data for rare decay flavor physics studies, and testing the effectiveness of the new collision scheme in the presence of a strongly perturbing experimental apparatus. The performances of the collider are reviewed and the limiting factors discussed along with the preparatory phase activities planned to secure a new collider run to the SIDDHARTA-2 experiment.
doi:10.18429/jacow-eefact2018-moyaa02 fatcat:feroa6x7yfan3mjmjhxi2ydv4q