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Characterization of Colletotrichum isolates causing avocado anthracnose and first report of C. gigasporum infecting avocado in Sri Lanka

D.M. Hunupolagama
2015 Plant Pathology & Quarantine  
Colletotrichum can be identified as the major causative fungal agent of avocado anthracnose all over the world. In Sri Lanka, Colletotrichum gloeosporioides reported to be the sole causative agent of avocado anthracnose. This paper presents a morphological, genetic and pathogenic study conducted using Colletotrichum isolates collected from different avocado cultivating areas of Sri Lanka. Here, the identity of C. gloeosporioides has been confirmed using multi locus phylogeny as the major
more » ... as the major causative agent and provides Colletotrichum gigasporum as a causative agent of avocado anthracnose for the first time in Sri Lanka. Difference of these two species also confirmed by banding patterns obtained using Inter Sequence Simple Repeat (ISSR) primers.
doi:10.5943/ppq/5/2/10 fatcat:22aj67qwzvapzbrwevllv4hnnq