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Conceptual Design of the ITER ECE Diagnostic – An Update

M. E. Austin, H. K. B. Pandya, J. Beno, A. D. Bryant, S. Danani, R. F. Ellis, R. Feder, A. E. Hubbard, S. Kumar, A. Ouroua, P. E. Phillips, W. L. Rowan
2012 EPJ Web of Conferences  
The ITER ECE diagnostic has recently been through a conceptual design review for the entire system including front end optics, transmission line, and back-end instruments. The configuration of the front end system is the most time-critical since the port plug layout must be finalized soon. The basic design of two viewing lines, each with a single ellipsoidal mirror focussing into the plasma near the midplane of the typical operating scenarios is agreed upon. The location and design of the hot
more » ... design of the hot calibration source and the design of the shutter that directs its radiation to the transmission line are issues that need further investigation. Also, how the ECE polarization will couple to the optics and be transferred to the transmission line for both the radial and oblique views is a crucial consideration. In light of recent measurements and discussion, the design of the broad-band transmission line is being revisited and new options contemplated. [1] For the instruments, current systems for millimeter wave radiometers and broad-band spectrometers will be adequate for ITER, but the option for employing new state-of-theart techniqes will be left open.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/20123203003 fatcat:dknx56fdivdedcyiift5mbvdly