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Recent Literature Essentials of Pathology and Morbid Anatomy . By C. E. Armand Semple, M.D. Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders. 1889

1891 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Guides of this character have multiplied of late with great rapidity. TIiíb new addition to the list does not, in our opinion, fill any important gap iu this branch of medical literature. In certain respects, it compares favorably with other works of the same class, and would be deserving of some praise were it not for the numerous inaccurate and inexact statements which it contains. It Í8 stated for example, that when tyrosine is ingested by the healthy individual, bis urea is increased by
more » ... is increased by just so much nitrogen as was contained in the amount of tyrosine taken into the system ; that the skilled observer is enabled, by the microscopic examination of blood, to determine from what animal the bloojl in question was derived ; that the only means of distinguishing ordinary lactic acid and sarcolactic acid lies in the fact that the latter forma salts with zinc and calcium ; that calcic oxalate occurs only in acid urine, etc. Other examples might be given. Mr. Whipple has, we believe, made the mistake of rushing into print before acquiring that exact knowledge and experience which one should possesa before attempting a work of this kind. We presume that books of this character will be written as long as there is a demand for them ; and this is likely to exist as long as there are students who desire to pass their examinations without possessing any real knowledge of the subject. We believe that examiners can most effectually check this demand by refusing to pass atudents whose books present evidences of this method of preparation.
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