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Luminous Intensity Field Optimization for Antiglare LED Desk Lamp without Second Optical Element

Zhi-Ting Ye, Chieh Chang, Mao-Chieh Juan, Kuei-Jung Chen
2020 Applied Sciences  
This study proposes a model of a light module with an optimized luminous intensity field for realizing an antiglare light-emitting diode (LED) desk lamp without a second optical element. We simulated different luminous intensity field profiles to analyze the unified glare rating (UGR) and illumination uniformity performance of a desk lamp. The spatial effect of UGR and the illumination uniformity affect eye comfort. The light module was set to different beam angles without a second optical
more » ... second optical element, louver structure, and reflective element on the luminaire to compare different UGRs and uniformity values for evaluating human eye comfort. The simulation and experimental results indicated that the luminous intensity curve for a beam angle of 90° achieved an illumination uniformity of 80% and a UGR of 18.1 at a height of 45 cm, thus realizing a human-friendly antiglare desk lamp.
doi:10.3390/app10072607 fatcat:ezf6q7vkfvgnpgiclrvevpxfuq