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Presence of cholinesterases inEchinococcus granulosusprotoscolices

C. Giménez-Pardo, R.M. Ros Moreno, C. De Armas-Serra, F. Rodriguez-Caabeiro
2000 Parasite  
Cholinesterases were detected in protoscolices of Echinococcus granulosus spectrophotometrically and electrophoretically. To characterize these activities as acetylcholinesterases or pseudocholinesterases, BW284C51 and the organophosphate anthelmintic Neguvón® were assayed as specific inhibitors of acetylcholinesterases, while Iso-OMPA was employed as specific inhibitor of pseudocholinesterases. We concluded that these Cholinesterase (ChE) activities would be considered as possible targets in
more » ... ssible targets in chemotherapy.
doi:10.1051/parasite/2000071047 pmid:10743648 fatcat:6xu35wwozfalveweattr7prjhy