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The Derivation of Lessons and Juridical Instructions from the Farewell Sermon of the Holy Prophet as Illustrated in Al-Bidaya wal- Nihaya

dr. hafiz nasir
2019 Journal of Religious Studies, Vol. I, Issue: I  
The Seera'h of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is considered to be a complete code of life. Right from the outset the Muslim scholars deeply pondered over the life history of the holy prophet (SAW) in order to infer juridical instructions which they called Fiqh al Seera'h. For instance, Ibn e Kathir, a prominent scholar of the eight centrury describes different events in the life of the Holy prophet in his book "Al-Bidaya wa Nihaya'h" highlights solutions to different issues through the lessons
more » ... through the lessons learnt from the farewell sermon of the holy prophet (SAW) during his last pilgrimage. The farewell sermon of the Holy prophet (SAW) is a guiding principle for the whole humanity if acted upon even today. This study elaborates on the juridical instructions as received from this Farwell speech of the holy prophet (SAW.
doi:10.33195/10.33195/uochjrs-v2i(4)1242019 fatcat:n3mhwvcyjnejblokhvj7ezrppq