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Absolute Phase Retrieval Using One Coded Pattern and Geometric Constraints of Fringe Projection System

Xu Yang, Chunnian Zeng, Jie Luo, Yu Lei, Bo Tao, Xiangcheng Chen
2018 Applied Sciences  
Fringe projection technologies have been widely used for three-dimensional (3D) shape measurement. One of the critical issues is absolute phase recovery, especially for measuring multiple isolated objects. This paper proposes a method for absolute phase retrieval using only one coded pattern. A total of four patterns including one coded pattern and three phase-shift patterns are projected, captured, and processed. The wrapped phase, as well as average intensity and intensity modulation, are
more » ... modulation, are calculated from three phase-shift patterns. A code word encrypted into the coded pattern can be calculated using the average intensity and intensity modulation. Based on geometric constraints of fringe projection system, the minimum fringe order map can be created, upon which the fringe order can be calculated from the code word. Compared with the conventional method, the measurement depth range is significantly improved. Finally, the wrapped phase can be unwrapped for absolute phase map. Since only four patterns are required, the proposed method is suitable for real-time measurement. Simulations and experiments have been conducted, and their results have verified the proposed method.
doi:10.3390/app8122673 fatcat:sedojzha4bhbpfwcvmywc24gsi