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1917 The School Review  
well-selected illustrations and eight maps and charts. Furthermore, each chapter is divided into a number of large divisions, each one of which is divided, the division in this case being indicated both by numbers and bold-face type. There is also an abundance of marginal notes as well as footnotes. On the whole the book is a decided improvement over the traditional text on civics. POWELL, SOPHY H. The Children's Library. New York: The H. W. Wilson Co., 1917. $1.75. There seems to be an urgent
more » ... ms to be an urgent need at the present time for a closer relation and a more systematic co-operation between the public library and public education. While the two institutions grew up rather independently of each other, there has recently arisen the feeling that they are both working toward a common goal, namely, the education of the public. The book under review will do much to unify the work of the public school and the public library. Such topics as the following are discussed: the place of books in education, early libraries for children, the elementary-and high-school libraries, library resources of country children, public-library relations with public schools, the public library an integral part of public education, the children's room, the children's librarian and her training, aids to library work with children, book selection, and some social aspects of library work with children. An elaborate bibliography of the material relating to each of these topics is included. The book is certain to find an important place in all libraries as a general-reference book and as a text in library-training schools. III. PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED (Detailed discussions of some of the following books will appear later.) ANDERSON, MABEL L.
doi:10.1086/436793 fatcat:npvwqxr7d5dx7pjxkt4vkbj3lq