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Tobacco growers' knowledge of revenue distribution and foreign prices: implications for health education

D. J. Zaccaro, D. G. Altman
2000 Health Education Research  
Introduction This study examined tobacco growers' know- Tobacco growers are an influential constituent of ledge of tobacco economics, particularly their the tobacco industry (Altman and Goldstein, knowledge of how tobacco revenue is distrib-1998; Zhang and Husten, 1998). Historically, uted and their knowledge of the price of growers have often aligned themselves with foreign tobacco. Tobacco growers (n ⍧ 1236) tobacco manufacturers to defeat proposed public from 14 tobacco-dependent counties in
more » ... pendent counties in North health legislation and regulation. Farmers' know-Carolina were interviewed by telephone and ledge of tobacco issues, currently unknown, could asked to estimate how much of a hypothetical impact the positions they take on tobacco-related $2.00 for a pack of cigarettes is received by initiatives such as excise tax increases (Altman each of four market segments: tobacco growers, et al., 1996, 1997) and on partnerships they retailers, government and manufacturers. develop. If growers are misinformed about Respondents were also asked to estimate the tobacco-related issues, the influence they have price of foreign raw tobacco. USDA data were may be misdirected. In the absence of knowledge, used to assess the accuracy of the respondents' tobacco growers could take public positions that estimates. Respondents were within the 'cordo not serve them or the public very well. Thus, rect' range as follows: growers 31%, retailers it is important that growers have knowledge 15%, government 23%, manufacturers 43% about health and economic issues. In addition, and foreign prices 25%. Knowledge was previous work (Altman et al., 1998) has shown positively related to education and farm size that education is positively associated with having for the growers' share and foreign tobacco an interest in or taking action to diversify a prices. Knowledge of the government's and crop base. manufacturers' shares was positively associated This study ascertained whether growers had with younger age. North Carolina growers knowledge of tobacco-related issues that impact lacked knowledge of the distribution of the directly on their livelihood. Specifically, we tobacco dollar. This may influence the positions examined the association between sociodemothat growers take on health policy and provide graphic factors and growers' knowledge of: (1) significant opportunities for health educators how each segment of the tobacco industry shared to become involved in grassroots efforts to the retail tobacco dollar and (2) foreign tobacco educate growers. prices. Since 1997, public health professionals have increasingly worked with tobacco farmers on issues related to the proposed national tobacco Department of Public Health Sciences, Wake Forest settlement. Data from the current study will help
doi:10.1093/her/15.2.175 pmid:10751376 fatcat:hbaeupgyezanbjbjbmttnqiste