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Organic analysis

1915 The Analyst  
BACTERIOLOGICAL, PHYSIOLOGICAL, ETC, 407 ORGANIC ANALYSIS. Estimation of Carbon in Carborundum and the Like. S. A. Tucker and A. LOWJT. (J. Ind. and Eng. Chem., 1915, 7, 565-571.)-This method was devised for the analysis of 6tsilunduru," which is shown to exist in two modifications, approximating to the composition Sic (a variety of carborundum) and Si,C,O, the title of the paper in which the method is described being "The Preparation, Properties, and Composition of Silundum." The difficulty in
more » ... " The difficulty in estimating carbon in such materials lies in their resistance to decomposition by ordinary methods. After trying other methods with indifferent results, the authors found that litharge was an excellent flux for decomposing and partially oxidising the material, complete oxidation being effected by means of a stream of oxygen. The sample (0.2 to 0.25 grm.) is mixed with 5 grms. litharge, the carbon content of which has been determined in a, blank test under the same conditions as the analysis. The mixture is placed in a combustion-boat of vitrified clay, 120 rnm. long and 15 mm. wide. These boats, designed by C. M. Johnson
doi:10.1039/an9154000407 fatcat:lj7h5yvdkrhongqcvfrnzjeqkq