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1920 Archives of Internal Medicine  
some white male convicts. Preparation of the detailed report of this experiment was unavoidably delayed by the pressure of continuing field investigations, but has now been completed and is in course of publication.2 Because of the importance of some new points relating to the etiology of the disease that certain observations in connection with the experiment suggest, it has seemed worth while to present on this occasion a somewhat condensed report of this experiment and of the indications that
more » ... he indications that it affords. PURPOSE The purpose of the experiment was to test the possibility of producing pellagra in previously healthy men by feeding a one-sided, monotonous, principally cereal diet of the type observed by us in other previous studies to be associated with a high incidence of the disease. PLAN OF EXPERIMENT The experiment was carried out at the Rankin farm of the Mississippi penitentiary. The subjects were white male convicts who volunteered for the purpose. White adult males were chosen in order to make the test as rigorous as possible, for, judging by the then available incidence data, this race, sex and age group seemed least susceptible to the disease. Believing that the significance of the experiment would be enhanced if, in the event of success in producing pellagra, the attack or attacks *
doi:10.1001/archinte.1920.00090340002001 fatcat:wl3p3wrtm5dp5legbuqd6ty4yu