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Application of Hyperspectral Imaging System to Analyze Vascular Alteration for Preclinical Models
전임상 혈관분석을 위한 초분광 이미징 시스템의 활용

Se-Woon Choe, Young Woon Woo
2015 Journal of the Korea Society of Computer and Information  
We present microscopy based hyperspectral imaging system that successively shows high spatial (micrometer) and temporal resolutions (milisecond), and acquired pseudocolor hemoglobin saturation map a result of various image processing techniques can provide additional information such as oxygen transport, abnormal vascularity and therapeutic effects besides structural and physiological measurements in various diseases. To increase understanding of vascular defects several optical methods of
more » ... cal methods of imaging for preclinical/clinical assessment have been developed so far. However, they have some limitations for •제1저자 : 최세운 •교신저자 : 우영운
doi:10.9708/jksci.2015.20.4.069 fatcat:2adijp5tqjdmxkropvqhqpc6de