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Archetypal symbols in Akhmad Suleimanov's poem "Moonstone" ("Bettan t1ulg")
Архетипические образы в поэме А. Сулейманова «Лунный камень» («Беттан т1улг»)

Maret Muslamovna Betilmerzaeva, Larisa Rezvanovna Elbieva, Rumisa Ramzanovna Suleimanova
2020 Общество философия история культура  
Akhmad Suleimanov (1922–1995) was a Chechen researcher, teacher, musician, artist and folk poet, who represented the spirit of his culture in his work. The depth of the romanticism and tragedy of the personality is reflected in his lyrical epic text "Bettan t1ulg" ("Moonstone"). This study is an attempt to understand the archetypal symbols of Akhmad Su-leimanov's text "Bettan t1ulg" ("Moonstone"). In his lyric texts colors, sounds, the material world and the metaphysics of the souls of the
more » ... e souls of the heroes, awakened by the will of the poetic imagination in aesthetic catharsis, come to life. His poetry reflects both the cultural heritage of the Chechens and, in fact, the worldview that was characteristic for the author's time. Attention is drawn to the originality of artistic searches, the specificity of the master's texts, aimed at the poetic inclusion of numerous folklore plots that exist in the ethnoculture to his work.
doi:10.24158/fik.2020.9.6 fatcat:isctc43db5hwhkks5pt4wckxpy