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Incorporating Space: Protestant Fundamentalism and Astronomical Authorization

James S. Bielo
2020 Religions  
The problem of authority is vital for understanding the development of Protestant creationism. Two discursive fields have figured centrally in this religious movement's claims to authoritative knowledge: The Bible and science. The former has been remarkably stable over a century with a continuing emphasis on inerrancy and literalism, while the latter has been more mutable. Creationism's rejection of scientific evolution has endured, but its orientation to a range of scientific models,
more » ... c models, technologies, and disciplines has changed. Astronomy is a prime example; once relatively absent in creationist cultural production, it emerged as yet another arena where creationists seek to corrode scientific authority and bolster biblical fundamentalism. Drawing on archival documents of creationist publications and the ongoing media production of an influential creationist ministry based in Kentucky, this article illustrates how creationism has sought to incorporate astronomy into their orbit of religious authorization. Ultimately, the case of incorporating space helps clarify fundamentalism's machinations of power.
doi:10.3390/rel11110594 fatcat:w2lm4hamuzda5b5mva2ixzrrjy