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Ecological Study on Fungal Diversity of Mt. Chilbo
칠보산의 균류다양성의 생태학적 연구

Duck-Hyun CHO, Jae-Yon CHUNG
2019 Korean Journal of Nature Conservation  
Many fungi were collected at Mt. Chilbo from 24, June 2019 to 30, Nobember, 2019. They were identified. As the resulting in fungi, they were composed of 2 divisions, 2 subdivisions, 4 classes, 2 subclasses, 14 orders, 42 families, 91 genera and 211 species and in myxomycetes ; 1 division, 1 class, 2 subclass, 13 orders, 3 families, 4 genera and 6 species. Among them, flowing genus and species are unrecorded : genus is Cristinia and species are Agaricus altipes, Boletus stramineum, Boletus
more » ... neum, Boletus zelleri., Cristinia rhenana, Dendrophora verisformis, Ganoderma ahmadii and Xerocomellus cisalpinus. These are designe Korean common names. Dominant species are Marasmius crinisequi, M. graminum and M. siccus. It is confirmed 4 species unknown families. Resources of fungi are edible 42 species, cultural 9, toxine 27, anti cancer or medcine 29, mycorrhiza 28 and rotten wood 58. Key words : Fungal di versi ty, Unrecorded gensu and species, Domi nant speci es, Unknown famil y and Resources of fungi 한국자연보존연구지 제18권 제1호 16 칠보산 주변은 인간들에 의한 개발행위(아파트 단지 조성 등)가 행해지고 있다. 그러나 산능선이 완만하여 노약자, 주민들의 등산코스로 적당하며, 자연생태학습장이 있어서 많은 사람들이 이용하고 있다.
doi:10.30960/kjnc.2019.18.1.15 fatcat:cgzlckflyjd7ha5mifsdopuyqu