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The Onto-epistemology of Big Data

Roy Alfaro Vargas
This study puts forward the results of a comprehensive literature review that allows of the exploration of the big data phenomenon as in technical terms as well in socio-political and philosophical ones, through the reading of authors such as Rob Kitchin (2014), Dawn E. Holmes (2017), and so forth. It is here offered a new critical approach to Big Data as long as the analysis have permitted us to evaluate not only the components of this new data science, but also the onto-epistemological
more » ... stemological consequences derived from the development and implementation of Big Data as in the scientific field as well in the quotidian. Also, this paper permits us to understand the linkage between Big Data and set theory in the construction of an onto-epistemology related to a political conservatism so that we are able to have the complete panorama in order to elaborate, in the near future, strategies to sublate such a phenomenon.
doi:10.37293/sapientiae52.03 fatcat:27zng776xzbr3aqfujtkdmu5z4