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Some Chemical Data on British Carboniferous Sediments and Their Relationship to the Clay Mineralogy of These Rocks

G. D. Nicholls
1960 Clay minerals  
Analyses of shales, mudstones and associated strata from the British Coal Measures reflect the general similarity of the clay mineralogy of the rocks studied. Variations in the Na ~ :K+ ratio appear to be due to variations in the Na+ :K+ ratio in illite. It is suggested that degraded illite supplied to the site of sedimentation had a bigher Na+ :K+ ratio than the illite now present in the shales and that post-depositional changes have caused a fall in this ratio. Under conditions of rapid
more » ... ions of rapid sedimentation such changes tend to be inhibited by rapid burial. In the seat earths, produced by very slow sedimentation, post-depositional changes continued to an advanced stage and resulted in low Na+ :K+ ratio in the final sedimentary rock.
doi:10.1180/claymin.1960.004.24.05 fatcat:uw6ilganeva3roqmprjrayvae4