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Effects of genistein and genistin on in vitro maturation of pig oocytes

Z. Vodková, R. Rajmon, J. Petr, P. Klabanová, F. Jílek
2008 Czech Journal of Animal Science  
The objective of the study was to verify the hypothesis that GEN (genistein – phytoestrogen and an inhibitor of tyrosine protein kinase – TPK) effects on pig oocyte maturation and cumular cell expansion under <I>in vitro</I> conditions are connected with its estrogenic activity. Oocytes were cultivated for 24 hours up to the stage of the first meiotic metaphase (MI). Three different doses of GEN (13, 40, 80 &micro;g/ml of medium) and also three doses of GIN, genistin, an analogue of GEN without
more » ... ogue of GEN without effects on TPK, (80, 160 and 240 &micro;g/ml of medium) were tested. To verify the reversibility of GEN effects, the oocytes were first cultivated for 24 hours with 80 &micro;g of GEN per 1 ml of medium and then for another 24 hours without any GEN. GEN blocked pig oocyte maturation at the stage of the germinal vesicle (GV), depending on the dose. After rinsing out the GEN the oocyte maturation recovered, but with abnormalities (32%). GIN in a concentration of 80 &micro;g/ml of medium induced a significant blockage at the GV stage (18%). With an increase in the GIN concentration, the number of oocytes blocked at the GV stage significantly decreased, but the abnormal maturation increased (up to 31%). GEN inhibited the cumular cell expansion in proportion to its dose. GIN had a less pronounced effect. As GEN and GIN effects demonstrate similar patterns, it is probable that estrogenic activity is involved.
doi:10.17221/2718-cjas fatcat:j576x2laxvdnfbks6bo2w3rele