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Gasphasen-Reaktionen, 59 [1, 2] Die Pyrolysen von Trifluormethylazid und Hexafluorazomethan / Gas Phase Reactions, 59 [1, 2] The Pyrolyses of Trifluoromethylazide and Hexafluoroazomethane

Hans Bock, R. Dammel, Darryl D. DesMarteau
1987 Zeitschrift für Naturforschung. B, A journal of chemical sciences  
Trifluoromethyl azide decomposes in a low-pressure flow system at rather high temperatures by splitting off N2. The nature of the resulting products depends largely on the wall material of the pyrolysis tube: using molybdenum above 1120 K, FCN is observed exclusively. Neither F2C=NF nor F3C-N=N-CF3 can be detected as intermediates by comparing their PE spectra with those continuously recorded while increasing the temperature. F3C-N = N - CF3 fragments already at 870 K to give N2 and F3C-CF3.
more » ... N2 and F3C-CF3. The PE spectra of F3CN3 and F2C=NF are assigned based on MNDO calculations
doi:10.1515/znb-1987-0310 fatcat:d2anyw2zcjfwnorjwmyx7gmho4