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Gases Reservoirs Fluid Phase Behavior [chapter]

Eman Mohamed Mansour, Mohamed El Aily, Saad Eldin Mohamed Desouky
2019 Oil and Gas Wells [Working Title]  
This chapter discusses the fundamentals of the phase behavior of hydrocarbon fluids. Real reservoir fluids contain many more than two, three, or four components; therefore, phase-composition data can no longer be represented with two, three or four coordinates. Instead, phase diagrams that give more limited information are used. The behavior of reservoir of a reservoir fluid during producing is determined by the shape of its phase diagram and the position of its critical point. Many of
more » ... t. Many of producing characteristic of each type of fluid will be discussed. Ensuing chapters will address the physical properties of these three natural gas reservoir fluids, with emphasis on retrograde gas condensate gas, dry gas, and wet gas.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.85610 fatcat:t5rrcpwo4fd3vo5gawjpto6mz4