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1889 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
Five days later she had another luumorrhage a little less iu amount. I did not see her. A week later she had a third, and fainted. I advised immediate delivery, but was unable to obtain the consent of any mein her of the family, or even permission for a consultation. Impressing upon them the danger of delay, and leaving the responsibility with them, I departed. At intervals of live to fourteen days she had four more lueinorrhuges. General tniiliiise was marked throughout; "fainting spells" were
more » ... inting spells" were frequent On .July 5th, labor pains continued for several hours, the os becoming the size of a silver quarter, with but slight hamiorrhage. She was now willing to have anything done, but it was my turn to delay a little. Pains ceased until July 20th, when contraction again occurred for three hours, and then ceased for eight hours ; when, upon my arrival, I found the os twothirds dilated, head presenting. Drawing four ounces of residual urine, I diluted manually for a few moments, and ruptured the membranes; when contractions recurred and completed the dilation in thirty minutes (O L. A). Second stage lusted fifteen minutes; third stage, fifteen minutes. The placenta presented upon the lower edge of its maternal aspect au elliptical surface, three by one and three-quarters inches, which was smooth, und glazed with ¡i membrane similar in all respects to the amuion. One drachm of ergot was given. Very little flowiug. Mother and boy both well.
doi:10.1056/nejm188909051211007 fatcat:mrmrajzoybdrdki5i2etqx463e