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Dynamics of oscillating magnetized relativistic tori around a Schwarzschild black hole

P J Montero, J A Font, L Rezzolla, O Zanotti
2007 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
We present a comprehensive numerical study of the dynamics of magnetized relativistic axisymmetric tori orbiting in the background spacetime of a Schwarzschild black hole. The tori are modeled as having a purely toroidal magnetic field and a constant distribution of the specific angular momentum. Following previous investigations of tori in a purely hydrodynamical context, the dynamics of these objects has been studied upon the introduction of a perturbation which, for the values of the
more » ... lues of the magnetic field considered here, triggers quasi-periodic oscillations (QPOs) lasting tens of orbital periods. As in the hydrodynamical case, the spectral distribution of the eigenfrequencies shows the presence of a fundamental p-mode and of overtones in a harmonic ratio: 2 : 3 : . . .. We comment on the implications of these results on the phenomenology observed for the QPOs in low-mass X-ray binaries containing a black hole candidate.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/66/1/012061 fatcat:qgibht3m3bamhbc5jpbx3pxv6m